2021 National Electric Power Industry Statistics

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  On January 25, National Energy Administration issued the 2021 Statistics of National Electric Power Industry. By the end of December, the installed capacity of power generation in China reached about 2.38 billion kW and increased by 7.9% compared with the previous year. Specifically, the installed capacity of wind power generation increased by 16.6% to about 330 million kW. The installed capacity of solar power generation increased by 20.9% to about 310 million kW.


  In 2021, the utilization hours of power generation equipment in the nationwide power plants with a capacity of 6,000 kW and above were 3817 hours, an increase of 60 hours compared with the same period last year. The investment of China’s major power generation enterprises in power supply projects increase by 4.5% to 553 billion yuan in 2021, of which 98.8 billion yuan was invested in hydropower, a decrease of 7.4%, and 495.1 billion yuan was invested in grid construction, an increase of 1.1% to the previous year.