The CEPPEA 2023 International Power Engineering Legal Risk Prevention and Control Seminar held in Changchun

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On August 10th, the China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Association (shorted as CEPPEA) organized the 2023 International Power Engineering Legal Risk Prevention and Control Seminar in Changchun. The Northeast Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. co-organized the conference.

Gao Hong, the Deputy Secretary-General of the CEPPEA, Wu Anjing, the Deputy Director of the Legal Contracts Risk Control Department of China Energy International Group Co., Ltd., and Peng Shenying, the Chief Risk Officer and Chief Legal Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer of CHINAPOWER International Group Limited, attended the conference and delivered speeches. Cai Jinbo, Deputy General Manager of Northeast Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., was present and delivered a welcome address. Song Yuxiang, Senior Partner and Head of International Business at City Development Law Firm, participated in the conference and gave a special presentation on "Risk Prevention and Compliance Management in International Engineering Projects." Liu Guofang, Director of the Legal and Compliance Department of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd., attended the conference and spoke.

The conference was chaired by Zhao Daming, the Director of the Business Coordination Department of CEPPEA. More than 70 representatives from over 30 member companies, including Chief Legal Counsel, heads of legal affairs departments, and personnel related to international business, attended the meeting.

Deputy Secretary-General Gao Hong first provided an overview of the national power supply and demand situation, the overall industry performance in 2022, and the work content and accomplishment of CEPPEA in 2022. Next, he analyzed the international market situation and international business risks. Finally, Gao offered recommendations for legal risk prevention and control in international power engineering. These recommendations included strengthening the construction of compliance control systems, enhancing overseas compliance management standards, establishing legal assessment and early warning mechanisms, collaborating with third-party organizations to address litigation risks, nurturing and attracting internationally capable professionals with expertise in both law and the relevant fields, providing legal and compliance training for international project development and execution personnel to raise the level of international project development and execution, and enhance the ability to prevent risks and manage crises.

During the conference, Wu Anjing delivered a presentation titled " Strengthen International Project Legal Control to Empowering High Quality Development of Oversea business." Peng Shenying summarized CHINAPOWER's experience in international business compliance management and shared insights on the challenges, key areas, and solutions in overseas compliance execution processes.

In order to enhance the practical capabilities of member units in preventing international business legal risks, as per the conference agenda, attorney Song Yuxiang from City Development Law Firm utilized recent typical legal disputes in international power engineering to explain strategies and compliance measures for mitigating legal risks in international power engineering. Additionally, four organizations shared their insights on legal risk prevention and control in the field of international business, based on their respective experiences. The conference offered rich and comprehensive content, showcasing the comprehensive strength and core competitiveness of each enterprise, which is the useful reference for presented members.

During the conference's discussion phase, a Q&A session with lawyers was arranged, allowing attending representatives to raise numerous questions related to risk prevention, compliance management, and legal matters. Attorney Song Yuxiang, drawing upon his extensive practical experience over the years, provided professional and detailed answers to each of these inquiries.

At the conclusion of the conference, Deputy Secretary-General Gao Hong delivered a summary. He expressed full appreciation for the conference, commending Attorney Song's specialized presentation and the rich and high-quality contributions from various organizations. He emphasized that leveraging the accumulated expertise and technological advantages over the years, Chinese electric engineering enterprises, guided by the national "going global" strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative, have actively expanded their international power engineering business, with the international market becoming a significant source of industry growth. He stressed that, member companies should thoroughly study the legal framework of the host countries, prioritize contract management, identify and control risks, and strive for outstanding achievements in the execution of international business.

The warm and thoughtful services from Northeast Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd was appreciated.